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"Pro2col brought with them their specialist knowledge in the area of secured file transfer technology. We were able to quickly satisfy the needs of our client by having a product fit, backed by full support without us needing to spend time on researching and trialing many solutions until we found the right one."

Gordon Fong, 
Managing Director, e-mango

"James and his team delivered the right solution for us and helped to transform previously difficult areas of our workflow. 
- Since then I have kept close to Pro2col on all matters relating to file transfer technologies because they are simply the leading experts in their field."

Kevin Dunckley, 
Chief Digital Officer, HH Global
What You'll Learn In This Free Book:
  • What is Managed File Transfer? - You’ll learn what "MTF" is and what it means for your business, with a full description of the many areas covered including EFSS, Person to Person, Big Data and Automated File Transfer.
  • What problems does Managed File Transfer solve? - You'll learn the eleven most common use cases addressed by "MFT" (you might be surprised to learn that security isn’t the number one).
  • Does your organisation require Managed File Transfer? - In this section you’ll get a much clearer view of whether "MFT" is the tool that you need to address your needs and whether your business is ready for "MFT".
  • Getting started on your information gathering - 40 essential questions that you MUST answer to ensure that you’ve got the information you require to make the right decision.
  • Managed File Transfer comparison guide - Get access to our independent side-by-side comparison of eight leading products, to help you find the right solution for your requirements.
  • Who provides the expertise? - We look at how you can deliver and support your project; who internally you need to collaborate with and where the resources are going to come from.
  • Building a business case - Deliver a robust business case by following our five simple questions that you might not have considered
Meet James Lewis
James established Pro2col in 2003 to provide specialist expertise in Managed File Transfer (MFT) and B2B technologies for public and private sector businesses.

Operating from their UK office, they service customers located across 30 countries worldwide.

They focus on MFT & B2B solutions and have been able to work in partnership with SME's and leading global brands across a range of industries.

Pro2col is the European home of the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) programme.

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